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All these ESR meters use a custom programmed microcontroller IC.
You cannot clone them because you do not have that crucial chip!

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EVB Blue ESR meter The range of EVB ESR meters from sunny Portugal.  
Blue2 ESR meter The new "Blue2" ESR meter in both silent and talking versions.

At last production has started.

Altronics K2574 Altronics in West Australia are still making a clone of the Dick Smith Electronics K-7214 Mk2 ESR meter kits.

The Anatek Blue ESR meter from the USA available from:

John's Jukes in Vancouver, Canada

Jestine Yong in Malaysia

Alltronics in California USA

CLICK HERE for the instruction manual

More info....

Click here to download the Dick Smith Electronics Mk2 ESR meter kit notes as a .pdf file.

Hints and suggestions from ESR meter users.

Read "How To Make Full Use Of Your ESR Meter" by Jestine Yong (Electronic Repair Guide).

What to do if you've built an ESR meter and it's not working properly.

If you'd prefer an analog ESR meter, check out Doug Jones' Capacitor Wizard. Good to see you back, Doug. :-)

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Last update: 6th May, 2024